April 10th, 2014, 7:20 am

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Reply Gwath, April 10th, 2014, 9:39 am

I have something I wanted to write down for some time now - don't take it as critique, more like a kind of an advice. You're drawing a manga wich gives you all the tools to create atmosphere and you love drawing faces (from what I see). You are able to picture many feeling this way - even without the use of words. In my opinion, in the last panel there is no need for words - just the smile, the expression tells us all about Leyr's feelings. Without words it would have a greater impact (at least on me) because he clearly shows his emotions what is a sign of trust and honesty.
Don't rely so heavily on words :) You have all your beautiful pictures!

Reply Lynnnn, April 10th, 2014, 10:44 am

@Gwath: first point: I love critiques. xD They always can help me to get better, so you don't have to be worried. xD Thank you!

About the thing that I could have let Leyr say nothing but just smile... to be honest, I also thought about it. xD' But then I thought that if I do so, then it will not be Leyr anymore. It‘s not typical...
Leyr is the kind of person who always talks. He doesn't really have emotions and most of it; he wouldn’t even truly realize them even IF he IS feeling them. That’s the reason why he's always acting like a child. If he's happy then he surely will let one know by saying it because he doesn't understand that people can also understand each other even without words. xD (that makes just no sense for him... xD'')
WHEN the time comes, where Leyr is speechless, THAN it means, that he is feeling toooo much but in this moment on this page, he's still not feeling much enough. That's the reason why Leyr rather would let one know what he’s “feeling” by talking, to hide the fact, that in true he's not really feeling anything at all...

It’s hard to understand I know. xD’ But Leyr IS an insane person who one can’t understand easily because he is full of contradictions. It's sad but it's true. We all shouldn't let him deceive us. xD
When the chapter comes, which handles about Leyr’s past, we will find out how dangerous, reckless and emotionless he IS and (maybe) always will be... xD''
Even for Thorn, she’s not safe in Leyr’s present at all.

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